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The law firm LEXFIFA works in many legal areas related to football and the relationship with FIFA, this includes the signing of contracts, transfer of players, permits, resolutions, appeals, demands, administrative sanctions, taxes and commission payments.

  • Signing of contracts

    Signing of contracts

    In the football industry, multiple employment relationship contracts are signed, ranging from: institutions with sponsors to players with teams. In all these types of contracts it is necessary to know the local and general implications of them, our law firm provides an adequate development of this employment relationship. CONSULTA
  • Transfer of players

    Transfer of players

    The player transfer system is extremely complex, as it implies an adequate management process and a detailed management of the negotiations so that as a result of financial success and football goals are achieved, our job is to ensure that the best conditions are met. legal steps to ensure that the results are beneficial for all parties. CONSULTA
  • Commission payments

    Commission payments

    Our job is that the proceeds of a commission are a right capable of being demanded. Business relationships that are currently not properly indicated can be legally interpreted as invalid, but those that receive our legal advice end up becoming rights that can be legally required. CONSULTA
  • Permits and Resolutions

    Permits and Resolutions

    Our work includes advice for the management of permits related to professional football organizations, specifically FIFA. Within these services we also include the management related to the handling of legal, administrative and sanction resolutions issued by the different entities. CONSULTA
  • Appeals


    Our job is to resort to an ordinary resource that all the institutions related to FIFA have, where we send a superior body of FIFA with the possibility of practicing new evidence to revoke the resolution issued. This work requires great knowledge in the field of FIFA law. CONSULTA
  • Demands


    Every natural or legal person has rights and obligations, the claim process means recovering that right or demanding it when it is violated. Its importance is crucial in a justice system because it expresses the greatest desire of the human being to be treated as justice. Our job is to bring justice to our clients. CONSULTA
  • Administrative sanctions

    Administrative sanctions

    Issuing a sanction of the administrative type is not an easy task this must be framed in the current legislation and must have the right proportions, the ignorance of this regulation can mean legal problems for which it issues sanctions and a repair of damage caused by these sanctions . Our job is to ensure that these sanctions are correct. CONSULTA
  • Taxes


    Football is part of one of the largest industries of humanity, which involves a large number of businesses from different commercial relationships and one of the most important is to declare taxes from their profits, this task that seems Being simple is really complex in an industry like football that much of the negotiations are quick and where details are omitted, our job is to ensure that all the negotiations do not have any legal problems related to taxes. CONSULTA
  • Legal representation

    Legal representation

    Having an organization that knows the rights and obligations of any actor in the football industry is no longer an option but an obligation. Our team of work around the world offers you a job according to the current regulations, accessible, personalized and above all looking for the satisfaction of our sponsored. CONSULTA


All services related to FIFA law, which means all the legal implications of professional football. We do not see cases of civil, criminal or administrative order outside of this sport because we have decided to focus all our efforts on a single field, that is why we are experts because of what we know about FIFA.

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Our commitment is with justice, legality, honesty, transparency, good relations and fair play in this football industry. Our partners can rest assured we will put all our best efforts to protect your rights. Our international presence is a guarantee that we can work around the world efficiently and quickly.

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